Fanimation Single Brewmaster Long Neck Belt Drive in Black

  • 2 Blades, 3 speed AC motor
  • Gearless drive motor
  • Durable Neoprene belts

The Fanimation Single Brewmaster is designed with wide oval natural palm leaf finished blades to showcase timeless beauty. The belt-driven device uses neoprene instead of the traditional leather belts for more ease in movements. While leather belts need frequent replacement, neoprene belts used here will last for years. The copper and lead babbitt sleeves are also replaced in this model with sealed ball bearings that are more durable. 

The fan uses a single gearless AC drive motor which can drive up to four fan heads. You can also customize the blades and fan heads as per your décor. The model comes with dimmable light fixtures that can be changed to suit your style. 

The Fanimation has a reputation of producing unusual yet high performance belt-driven ceiling fans. The Single Brewmaster is a classic design from the late 1800’s with a modern operating system. The current model is designed to become more efficient and elegant looking than its peers.