Big Ass Fans 52″ Haiku L Black

  • 3 blades, 7 speed DC motor
  • Extremely low electricity use
  • Powerful handheld remote

Haiku L 52” universal mount ceiling fan features three variable airfoil blades of ABS plastic finish to offer superior sturdiness for the long term. The DC motor rotates in seven different speed settings and can go a maximum of up to 181 RPM (revolution per minute). It is strictly rated for indoor uses only.

You get a handheld remote control for controlling speed, light and timer. It comes with a LED light kit containing a 20W dimmable LED bulb. The remote lets you control its light with a 16 point light dimmer. You can operate the fan at a distance of up to 30 feet. You can also operate it from a wall control which is sold separately.

Haiku has received more than 75 awards for its technology and design internationally. This fan from Haiku L series is a less-expensive alternative to normal Haiku models. The superb airflow and quiet operation make it unique amongst similar fans from other companies.