About Us

We are a team of passionate home improvers, DIYers, and ceiling fan experts.

We started GreatCeilingFans.com to share our knowledge of ceiling fans in order to help you make the best decisions when buying a ceiling fan, installing a ceiling fan, or fixing your ceiling fan.

Our expert team has spend decades working on homes professionally and are all experienced DIYers. We are here to help. Our ceiling fan guides cover everything there is to know. We’ve also done extensive product research with ceiling fan reviews updated for 2024 covering hundreds of models and styles.

Since we started Great Ceiling Fans back in 2021, our installer network has grown. Across the USA, you can now get an obligation free quote on ceiling fan installation and replacement from the best in the business. A huge timesaver for homeowners!


Adam is a carpenter by trade and a DIY superhero. He is a key contributor to GreatCeilingFans.com and also writes for other popular home improvement blogs. When he's not working on home improvement projects, he is sharing his expertise with the world.

Christopher Bajwa

Christopher is a professional interior designer and part-time blogger. He knows a thing or two about writing and knows everything there is to know about ceiling fans. He is here to share his expertise with you. When he's not decorating client's homes, you can find him cooking gourmet meals in his kitchen.

John Fuller

John has spent the past decade in home and industrial sales. Working with everything from ceiling fans to refrigerators, John has in-depth knowledge of the best products to buy for your home. An ardent DIY-er, John can often be found doing projects around the house with his wife.


Zach is a master tinkerer. As an electrician, he works with ceiling fans in addition to all types of home appliances and electronics. He is a key contributor to GreatCeilingFans.com in addition to other home improvement blogs.


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