Concord Fernleaf Breeze Outdoor in Rustic Iron

  • 5 blades, 3 speed AC Motor
  • Reverse function.
  • No light fixtures.

Concord Fernleaf Breeze Ceiling Fan is a classic outdoor home accessory, fun to watch, and beautiful to behold. It is a unique ceiling fan featuring an elegant and vintage look. It was designed with ABS medium blades made with rustic iron.

It comes in either orange color or brown color, made of iron and other necessary accessories. Its blades are shaped like feathers, thereby contributing to the appearance of your home/office.

It is a durable ceiling fan due to its components, including its rustic style, iron finish, corded-electric power source, remote control features, and weight of 22 pounds.

The Concord Fernleaf Breeze Ceiling Fan Model 52FEB5RI comes with five different blades with 12-degree blade pitch, 52′ blade span, three speeds, and reverse function. It can be used both outdoors and indoors. It doesn’t come with any light fixtures, but they can be added.