Craftmade 54″ Fluid Garage Ceiling Fan in Titanium

  • 3 Blades, 6 speed DC motor
  • Retro colorful design
  • High energy efficiency

The Craftmade Fluid ceiling fan will turn heads. The fan is available in four fabulous designs and colors to amplify your indoor or outdoor space. The 54” blades are twisted to give it a retro look and will be perfect for small intimate spaces.

The DC Motor not only makes it super efficient but also proves to be durable in long term. The Fluid is so cost-effective because it uses only 38.7 watts per hour at high speed. The overall efficiency is 153CFM/Watt which makes the fan three times more efficient than average AC ceiling fans.

Craftmade fans are known to create funky and sometimes over the top designs that immediately uplifts the décor of the entire room. The Fluid series is very much inspired by the retro décor with the use of pastel colors and seamless designs. The fans are more geared towards aesthetics and it makes the model highly sought-after amongst buyers.