Emerson Sweep ECO (DC EcoMotor) in Graphite

  • 3 Blades, 6 speed DC motor
  • Matte opal glass finish
  • Integrated dimmable LED lights

The Sweep Eco fan with Graphite blades has an ultra modern architectural form. The geometric pendant in the middle carries an integrated LED to brighten your space evenly. The fan runs on a 6 speed hand held remote control. The remote has options for reverse speed and light dimming as well.

The motor produces a massive airflow of 6683 CFM. It rotates between 50 to 204 RPM, yet consumes only 20 watt, which is fantastic. The fan is designed to give an instant cooling breeze irrespective of the ceiling height. You can install this fan in professional spaces or homes as the exterior is very universally flattering.

Emerson Ecomotor fans are designed to run on low energy demands to save you up to $100 over 18 months of use. This model is energy efficient and runs quieter than traditional AC motors. In this regard, here are some of the top ceiling fan designs that may impress you.