Fanimation 60″ Drone 16-Speed Quiet Smart Bedroom Fan

  • 3 Blades, 16 Speed DC Motor
  • 60” Blade Span
  • 28 to 150 RPM

The Fanimation 60” Drone 16-Speed Quiet Smart Bedroom Fan is a great take on modern fans. With this fan, you stand to enjoy several benefits of using advanced technology without breaking the bank. It is designed to give you value for your money and a great user experience.

Among the range of quality ceiling fans, this one stands out on the top tier. It is one of the finest, most improved quality fan brands out there. The fan comes with 3.39 MPH wind speed factor. It also packs an Airflow value of 7515 CFM which is above average. The three blades and 16 speed DC motor will keep you plenty cool. It is also excellent for bedrooms due to its quiet DC motor (DC motors are far quieter than AC motors).

The manufacturer, Fanimation, is one of the leading manufacturing companies when it comes to ceiling fans. Their ceiling fans are designed for durability, efficiency, quality and aesthetics. This is a brand you absolutely should consider if you’re on the hunt for a ceiling fan.