Haiku with Bacteria Killing UV-C Uplight Ceiling Fan With Remote

  • 3 Blades, 7 speed DC Motor
  • Germicidal Ultraviolet technol
  • Digital inverter motor

The Haiku ceiling fan features a UV-C uplight with advanced germicidal ultraviolet technology. It radiates low spectrum ultraviolet light to sterilize indoor air of any harmful pathogen and bacteria. 

The large 60” blades rotate at max 177 RPM to create 7957 CFM airflow with ease. Even power failure won’t stop its performance due to its digital inverter motor inside. Besides all the advanced features, its efficient DC motor consumes only 31 watts per hour and delivers air of 5-star quality rating. Even the above-average wind speed factor promises nothing but a strong breeze. 

The Big Ass Fans Haiku series features both technology and incredible performance with a promise of maximum energy savings. It won’t fail you in terms of performance, design or durability, even after years of usage.