Kichler 65″ Gentry XL in Weathered Zinc

  • 9 blades, 6 DC Speed Motor
  • 65” Blade span,14° blade pitch
  • Includes reverse function

This 65″ LED Gentry ceiling fan sure knows how to make an impression, both visually and with airflow. The LED light source delivers 1,600 lumens of output, about the equivalent of a 150-watt incandescent light bulb, for terrific ambient light.

The 65” LED 9-bladed Gentry ceiling fan is a visual and stylish one with its industrial era-inspired Distressed Black finish which includes a 6 speed remote control with a forward and reverse function.

It cannot be flush mounted nor installed without lights. The Kichler 65″ Gentry is rated for indoor and outdoor use but cannot be used directly with rain. It includes 9 blades with 65” Blade span, 14 degree blade pitch and 75” lead-wire length

It has a wind-speed factor of 3.15 MPH and airflow of 8061 CFM. 8061 CFM is a lot of airflow and is far above average, which is very good news if you are looking to buy a ceiling fan that can really cool you off. This is the type of fan that will save you a solid amount off your energy bill in the summer.

The Kichler fans are quite the catch as they dual as experts for modern and rustic industrial ceiling fans. Kichler fans run smooth and quiet without wobbling or making noise and it can run 24 hours a day for years on end without any worries of the motor burning out.