Kichler Link in Polished Nickel

  • 2 blades, 6 speed motor
  • 54”blade span with 8”lead wire
  • Includes Remote control

The Kichler Link in Polished Nickel is a must-buy if you are looking to save 5% to 15% on your cooling bills (AC) without compromising quality and sleekness. It uses 120 volt electricity.

The DC walnut, non-reversible two-blade fan is a shy and sophisticated one as it’s for indoor use only. It’s unique ocular center adds a contemporary yet futuristic technology style to it.

Just like the Fanimation counterpart, the fan runs smooth and quiet. It can run for 24 hours a day for years on end without you worrying about its motor burning out. Its efficiency at 186 CFM/Watt is far above average with performance dependent on the room size, ceiling height, type of blade and climate.

The Link ceiling fan has two blades and a 54” blade span. The motor can run at 6 different speeds giving room for choice and speed variety.

The Link includes a remote control allowing for control at the tip of your fingers. It has a 3.13 MPH wind-speed factor and an airflow ranging from 5126 to 5780 CFM.

The Kichler Link in Polished Nickel is top-ranking in finesse, quality and durability