Matthews Atlas Melody Oscillating Wall Fan in Textured Bronze

  • 3 Blades, 3 speed AC motor
  • Strong Wind-Chill
  • Durable steel body

The Mathews Fan Co. Atlas is a hard wired wall mount fan. Mean, it cannot be plugged into a wall outlet. It is available with a safety cage and blades in two different finishes. The high functional 3-speed fan has an arching gooseneck that provides maximum multi-directional airflow. The core elements are heavy stamped steel and cast aluminum to promise durability.

It cools you off immediately with a tremendous breeze rated at 6.27 MPH Wind Speed Factor. The airflow however, is just 1327 CFM making it ideal only for small rooms only. With a low efficiency rating of 28 CFM/Watt, it is also not very energy efficient.

The Matthews Fan Co. has been producing some of the best wall mount fans for years. This model is perfect for a variety of rooms like rest rooms and changing rooms. These fans have a unique design that also gives off an old world charm to the whole décor.