Maxim Corona Fandelier in Satin Nickel

  • 3 Blades, 6 speed DC motor
  • Integrated LED Ring
  • Satin Nickel intricate design

The Maxim Corona Fandelier comes with a LED ring surrounding the fan blades. The device features smooth curved bands that seamlessly intertwine with each other for a stunning and intricate design. The super efficient DC Motor promises a better energy efficiency than typical AC motor fans. Moreover, it runs smooth with minimum noise levels.

The 46 Watt Dimmable LED lights are perfect to set the right ambiance in any room. The wind speed factor is 11.71 MPH – enough wind-chill to cool you off in a few minutes. You can expect instant cooling and a very strong breeze in the room. However, with an average airflow of 5057 CFM,  you get a limited breeze to a smaller diameter of the room.

The Maxim fans hold the attention of your guests with their stunning design and superlative performance. This enclosed fandelier in Satin Nickel has complex designs to lift the aesthetics of any simple interior décor. Moreover, it is reasonably priced and doesn’t disappoint with its performance as well.