Minka Aire 60″ Skyhawk LED Burnished Nickel Modern Fan

  • 3 Blades, 6 Speed DC Motor
  • 60” Blade Span
  • 47 - 155 RPMs

The Minka Aire 60” Shyhawk LED has it all. With its dependable wooden blades, excellent design, and a super-efficient DC motor, this fan ranks conveniently higher against its peers in the same price range. With remote control integration, you don’t have to walk across the room to control your fan. You now have complete control in your hands.

Enjoy an integrated LED light with the capacity to provide over 1649 lumens and with a Color Rendering Index of 92. Not only is it physically impressive to look at, the Skyhawk is also a powerful fan with LED rated to last 30 times longer than a typical incandescent bulb. The Minka Aire is a beauty to behold and to own.

If you want to make a statement with quality, the Minka Aire 60” Skyhawk LED is top tier, with a quality rating of 5 (above the average 3). It’s windspeed is 3.28 MPH. This fan comes with an efficiency rating of 164 CFM/Watt, while consuming only 44 Watts of electricity per hour.

The manufacturer, Minka Aire, is considered one of the finest manufacturing companies when it comes to ceiling fans. They offer the best ceiling fans in the market, focusing on efficiency, durability, and quality. This is a fan brand that absolutely considers style as you can see from their fan designs.