Minka Aire Cone LED in Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • 5 Blades, 6 speed DC motor
  • High Wind Speed
  • Weather resistant body

A high performing Minka Aire Cone LED can save you 75% less electricity with its energy-efficient DC motor. You get better control over your fan’s configuration with an optional blade count (3 or 4 blades). It can withstand any outdoor condition including rain or snow. Cleaning the fan is super easy, just wash it off with a hose.

You don’t need any extra lighting for your outdoor space as it features a built-in dimmable LED light. The energy efficient DC motor will function for ages to give you the strongest breeze at a wind speed factor of over 4.5 MPH. The remarkable 8385 CFM airflow keeps you cool and keeps the bugs away to let you relax in peace.

The Minka Aire delivers orders to any point in the U.S. within 3 business days. Its attention to details to quality performance with added features in Cone LED fan makes the model one of the best selling fans in the market.