Modern Forms 52″ Slim In Brushed Aluminum (3000K LED)

  • 3 blades, 6 speed DC motor
  • Titanium silver ABS blades
  • Titanium silver ABS blades

This modern Forms ceiling fan is a heavy-duty item designed to offer uninterrupted airflow under challenging situations. The fan is manufactured using Grade-A Titanium Silver ABS finished blades offering superb durability and rigidity. It has got an energy-efficient DC motor that slashes power consumption up to 70 percent.

Besides the switchboard, the fan offers various modes of connectivity, such as Bluetooth and wireless. It comes with a Bluetooth remote with additional wifi support. You can connect it to your smartphone and use voice commands for easy control.

Currently, it supports devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Smart Things, Ecobee, and Nest. The product also comes with three types of downlight fixtures delivering 1110 lumens and 3000k warm light.

Modern Forms is a US-based manufacturer and supplier of high-end smart fans and LED luminaries for home, hotel, restaurants and workplaces. They are known for creating cutting-edge luminaries and smart fans. They also conduct thorough and rigorous product testing.

The fan is WET rated to handle rain and other forms of water exposure. Overall, the Modern Forms ceiling fan is a great way to enjoy natural air in indoor and outdoor locations.