Modern Forms Wynd 60″ in Stainless Steel Modern Fan

  • • 5 Blades, 6 Speed DC Motor
  • 60” Blade Span
  • 38 to 211 RPM

Stainless Steel fans can be tiring to buy, but not the Modern Forms Wynd 60”. This fan is one of the best fan brands in the market and it is an absolutely beautiful machine. With this fan, you can enjoy both WiFi and Bluetooth control. This is the fan to go for if you are interested in getting quality and control.

The Wind Speed Factor of this fan is 3.23 MPH which gives it a Breeze rating of 4 out of 5. The Wynd 60” is a great quality with an Airflow of 7160 CFM. This allows you to increase your thermostat by a factor of 10 degrees.

If you are interested in efficiency, you should know that this fan is rated 211 CFM/Watt. But what is most appreciable about this fan is the electrical usage of 34 Watts.

Using the Wynd 60” helps you save a huge percentage on your electricity bill. And it comes with a Quality Rating of 5. This is the type of fan you can leave on for 24 hours every day for several years and it would still be durable.

Manufactured by Modern Forms, one of the finest producers of quality fans. They design and manufacture some of the most durable, functional ceiling fans around. And give you the best quality for your money.