Monte Carlo Cyclone Garage Ceiling Fan in Black

  • 5 Blades, 3 speed DC motor
  • High energy efficiency
  • Durable body

The Monte Carlo Cyclone Ceiling Fan is UL Wet rated. Thus, it is an ultimate choice for outdoor damp and wet applications. It’s perfect for a garage. Even exposure to heavy rain, snow and wind won’t hamper its body and performance. With a powerful 212mm x 25mm DC motor inside, it moves air 8270 CFM airflow (Avg is 5000 CFM) to give you an instant cooling effect.

Its efficiency rating is 100 CFM/Watt which will save you money on your energy bills in the long term. Operating the fan is very simple with a 3 speed pull chain. In a transitional style, this fan also offers optional light fixtures to amplify your décor at your preferred color temperature.

Monte Carlo has served for decades now paving way to innovative designs. Their fans are made to last for generations just like the Cyclone ceiling model. With little maintenance and better efficiency, this fan is a sure hit.