Progress 56″ Spades in Polished Chrome

  • 2 blades, 6 speed motor
  • 56” blade span, 22° pitch
  • 80” leadwire length

Progress 56″ Spades in Polished Chrome is light weight and ABS composite two-blade contemporary design. It is built for durability and great performance.

It features a dual mount system, an energy saving DC motor, and a fully functional remote control with batteries. This design allows for reversibility of the fan from remote control to aid cross air circulation.

The motor can run at 6 different speeds so you can choose the perfect setting. Each of the two blades has a 56” blade span, a 22 degree blade pitch and an 80” lead-wire length. It has wind-speed factor of 3.43 MPH and a 6746 CFM airflow.

Spades features modern styling and is an ideal indoor ceiling to be used in living rooms, bedrooms and bonus rooms. It is ideal in a room size ranging from 226- to 400- square feet and flexible to install.

Spades is an energy-saving fan powered by an over-efficient DC Motor (EcoMotor) and uses 110 volt electricity to power. The blades come in a Black ABS Composite colour.

The Progress 56” Spades in Polishes Chrome will allow you to raise your thermostat by several degrees allowing fur cost cutting on cooling bills for AC users.