Savoy House Borea Air-Ionizing Fan d’Lier in Satin Nickel

  • 3 blades, 3 speed setting AC
  • Air ionizing technology
  • Five light Fixtures with whi

The Savoy House Borea Fan d’Lier lets you breathe fresh mountain breeze with air-ionization technology. This technology infuses anions (negatively charged ions) into your environment that removes any smoke or fungi from the air. Besides, the fan combines lighting and massive air circulation with it to qualify as a multi-functional chandelier.

The Fan d’Lier runs three 12 degree blades through an AC motor to create an average 1186 CFM airflow. The presence of five light fixtures with white frosted glass makes it even more attractive on the ceiling. You can control On-Off, change its speed, and dim the lights using its hand-held remote control.

The fan is a proud product of Savoy House, a nearly century-old company based in South Georgia. The company never fails to impress with its broad array of styles. With Borea Fan d’Lier multi-functional chandelier, today, it shines among design-conscious professionals in the industry.