Kichler 60″Ferron in Polished Nickel

  • 2 blades, 6 speed motor
  • 60” blade span , 14° pitch
  • Includes Reverse Function

The two-bladed 60” Ferron fan is a contemporary fan for indoor use only. The 60” Ferron is appealing with its minimalist and sassy touch. It has a DC ceiling motor that saves you 75% electricity than most typical fans with AC motors.

The 60” Ferron is an average fan with a wind speed factor of 2.36 MPH. It includes two blades, with at total blade span of  60”. The fan has a 6785 CFM airflow and 14 degree pitch. It includes a reverse function allowing for cross air circulation.

It gives light cool breeze, making it suitable for babies and people with respiratory or pneumatic conditions.

It runs smoothly and quietly without wobbling. It can run for several hours per day. It is durable for years without you worrying about the motor burning out.

If you’re looking to save money, add a minimalist look to your décor or if you have health conditions that prevents you from very chilly or stuffy areas, then the Kichler 60″ Ferron in Polished Nickel is the right fit.