Modern Forms Morpheus 60″ Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan in Automotive Silver

  • 2 blades, 6 speed motor
  • 13° blade pitch
  • Compatible with light

The Morpheus 60″ is an innovative bombshell, and the tech-savvy ones will definitely love it. Control is at the palm of your hands. Whether 5ft or 5miles away as you can connect it to your smart home tech including Google Assistant, Samsung Smart Things, Ecobee and Amazon Alexa.

You can control the fan speed of this product. It allows for the free exclusive modern forms app download and sync to perform a range of impressive and superb activities.

The Morpheus 60” is a two-blade fan having a 13 degree blade pitch each at 60cm width. It is compatible with a 120 volts integrated LED bulb. It has a 2.36 MPH wind-speed factor and airflow metric of 6785 CFM.

It is a dual-area fan as it can function both indoor and outdoor. Morpheus 60” is a sleek cutting edge two- or three-blade design made with incredibly efficient and completely silent DC motors. They are up to 70% more efficient than traditional fans.

Are you a tech-savvy addict? Do you love to be in control? Do you like the idea of variety in a futuristic and innovative piece? If yes – You should get hold of the Modern Forms Morpheus 60” in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan in Automotive Silver.