Minka Aire 56″ Bling LED in Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • 5 Blades, 3 speed DC motor
  • Stylish light fixtures
  • Contemporary design

The Minka Aire Bling LED gives you a smooth performance even at its peak 135 RPM speed. With an average wind speed factor of 2.68 MPH, you can expect a moderate cooling breeze. However, the airflow is above average (5237 CFM vs an average of 5000 CFM) for even distribution of air throughout the room. That’s why it suits large rooms of your home.

As the DC motor is rated for operating at 50 watts per hour, the energy cost is low compared to conventional AC fans. Even if you run several fans at the same time, you will get more airflow per watts consumed owing to its 179 CFM/Watt efficiency rating. with better wind-chill effect, you can increase your thermostat temp to save up to 40% on your AC Bills as well.

The Minka Aire is known for its stylish and highly functional designs. This Bling LED model is not just another great addition to its catalog but also is a reasonably priced product to make its customers happy.