Savoy House Levantaria Air-Ionizing Fan d’Lier in Polished Chrome

  • 3 Blades, 3 speed AC motor
  • Air ionizing technology
  • Chandelier fans with CFL light

The Savoy House Levantaria flaunts 8 light fixtures of white fabric shades containing one 13W energy-saving CFM bulb each. This chandelier fan is for indoor purposes only but it performs more than just a fan. It’s an air ionizing fan. It removes molds, smoke and fungi from the air. Thus, it circulates the best air possible to keep your environment healthy and refreshing.

The air-ionizing fan comes with 2394 CFM airflow capacity. The AC motor runs at 840 to 1186 RPM (revolutions per minute) at three different speeds. The AC motor energy efficiency is below average- 62 CFM/watt. So, you can’t expect it to save you more energy or blow your socks off.

The Savoy House offers the most grand and magnificent designs you can see in the market. The Levantaria series is not just an extravagant design but is very technologically advanced as well. On the top of it, the air- ionizing feature makes the model highly sought after by consumers nowadays.