Minka Aire Cristifano Crystal Ceiling Fan

  • 5 Blades, 3 speed AC motor
  • Lead-Free SPECTRA Swarovski
  • Fans with uplight

The Minka Aire Cristafano fan features glistening pieces of SPECTRA Swarovski Crystal around its perimeter. It makes use of two 50 Watt Mini-Can Halogen bulbs to glow at its best. The fan with its exquisite Victorian style will be the highlight of your room décor. It’s primarily operated by a 3 speed wall control and has other optional controls.

The Cristafano features a built-in uplight that casts a gorgeous mood setting glow on the ceiling. The breeze rating of the fan is average with a wind speed factor of 2.84 MPH. However, the fan provides major airflow with 7885 CFM making it ideal for larger areas as well. This provides the ultimate cooling effect.

The Minka Aire has always been a customer favorite for creating modern and chic designs. This time too they have pushed the limits with the Cristafano series. It immediately grabs attention while impresses further with its unmatched performance.